Non-Dilutive Commodity Finance
Surge Capital offers a unique commodity financing alternative to debt and equity known as volumetric production payments (VPP)or metals streaming.

Who is Volumetric Production Payment Financing Perfect For?
VPP is perfect for companies with current producing assets, assets very near to production, or those looking to acquire production assets.

Companies Using Volumetric Production Payment Financing
Many very well known mid and top-tier mining companies use commodity streams to advance their projects, acquire additional opportunities, and more.

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*Surge Capital Corp brokered deal.
**NovaDX & Royal Coal percentage of production drops after certain production quantities have been met.
***Terrex signed two different VPP agreements one for 25% of production and a second agreement for 15% of production on a separate property.
****17% of expansion capital expenditure will be provided up to a maximum of $10M.
stack of finished gold bars